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The Marvelous Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is usually green tea that is scented multiple times with fresh jasmine blossoms to absorb the aroma.

Scented teas were invented during the Tang Dinasty (618-907) and became very popular in Northern China to keep tea fresh during a long trip .

Besides receiving the benefits of green tea you can get the benefits from the flowers themselves.

According to the Chinese Medicine, jasmine flowers can help relax your muscles, relieve the blood vessels around your eyes and treat dry skin.

After a long day of work, drinking a cup of jasmine tea can help to calm your body.

A study conducted at Kansas State University showed the high antioxidants concentration in jasmine tea (catechins) that have been found to have many properties:

Stress relief. It is considered a gentle sedative that helps calm and relax the body;

Anti-Inflammatory. It helps protect the body from chronic inflammations such as arthritis and sooth minor aches and pains;

Anti-bacterial. Drinking it regularly can inhibit the growth of salmonella and listeria.

Lowers cholesterol. Daily consumption has been associated with reduced levels of cholesterol; It may also help regulate blood sugar levels. Many studies have linked green tea to the prevention of diabetes of type 2.

The antioxidant in Jasmine tea have been linked to a prevention of heart diseases and also to reduced cancer risk.

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Danila Giaffreda
Danila Giaffreda
15. Mai 2021

I bought some products from Trulytea: winter collections and summer collections, some specific teas for detox, slim and relax. Federica is a very good professional to help you in your choice for personal taste and necessity. Jasmine truly tea is the best jasmine tea I've ever drank!

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