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Who We Are

Tea is a passion that I carry with me since my teenage years. After reading extensively about the varieties of tea, its fascinating history and its health benefits, I started attending professional classes and travelling to Asia to visit tea plantations.

I had the opportunity to taste some of the finest and most expensive teas in the world and the privilege to learn directly from Chinese Tea Masters.

Yet my thirst for tea was never quenched.

After many years dividing my efforts between a job in the fashion industry and my commitments as a mother, I decided it was time to fulfil my lifelong dream. Founded with my husband, with whom I have always shared this passion, Truly Tea is the start of an exciting journey, that I hope to share with all of you.





We sell only the finest loose-leaf teas from controlled cultivations.

We constantly research and select new producers, to offer you the best teas from around the world.

We can create personalised tea gifts



Classic black teas from India and Ceylon

Fine pure teas from China (white, green, dark, oolong)

Wide choice of scented and flavoured teas

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